The Audition of Vince Crane is a 25 minute short horror film telling the haunting story of a psychologically unstable acting coach and his obsession with a young aspiring actress. 

The film was shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera- written, directed and produced by Crimson Reel and was made as a proof-of-concept to pitch to potential Producers as well as being entered into numerous national and international film festivals. 

The film stars British actors Ian White, Jamie-Lee Parker and Jonah Moses. 

The Audition of Vince Crane is available to watch for free on our YouTube channel. (or click poster)

Neutral Ground (noun) "A location for criminal organisations to meet under the assurance that no violent acts can be committed. No weapons are allowed within the neutral ground."

What could possibly go wrong when two rival crime families meet to settle a score in this violent gritty short film.

Written, directed and produced by Crimson Reel.

Official Selection of the Birmingham Film Festival 2016.

Available to watch for free on our YouTube channel: (or click poster)